An ssh workaround to play pandora deals on Pandora Jewelry slightly using pianobar I am trying to deal with the popular online radio service, pandora, being blocked on various marketing networking systems.I have set up a stream using pianobar in a screen on my laptop.Pianobar is producing fine, now i wanted to know how to get that stream playing on a remote device, explicitly my ipad.I come up with an open port, and have been able to ssh through it and fix to my Pandora Bracelets Sale screen.At the same time, audio does not traverse ssh as far as i can tell, and i'm curious as to if there's a better solution out there. Screwed up as off topic by shellter, kevin panko, micheal garrison, mureinik, david dec 7 at 8:01 "Questions on general computing hardware and software are off topic for stack overflow unless they directly involve tools used primarily for programming.You can probably get help on super user, kevin panko, henry garrison, mureinik, david