Lost wedding ring found on great barrier reef The miraculous discovery was made amongst coral and sand, and mr quintal believes it was pure luck it wasn't gobbled up by a fish, which are attracted to shiny objects. "It was pretty good to be able to give him some good news because it seemed pretty bad at the time,"He said after contacting the lucky couple. The story has gone international with reports in the uk. "That's actually one of our major markets it's fantastic, the whole thing is just fantastic,"Office manager lisa skaines said. "We treat everyone as like a friend not so much just a passenger on the day and that's just shone through in matt going agebc Prom Dresses that extra mile. " It's not the first time tourism operators have located lost items. A pink camera washed up on bondi beach last year featuring a tourist on the great barrier reef.The camera was posted to the reef operator who used social media to find the owner. 6:12 pm House fire explosions rock Woodville North6:05 pm Plane with landing gear problems lands safely in Brisbane6:00 pm agebc australia Qantas announces review of 'inefficient' maintenance operations at Avalon Airport6:00 pm Accused cop killer 'showed off' weapon6:00 pm New secrets in Belangalo State Forest revealed6:00 pm Residents to have their say on Brisbane's future6:00 pm VIDEO:Top selling game has parents in a panic5:58 pm Queensland Government announces closure of six public schools5:56 pm Clive Palmer's lead dwindles to 64 votes as Indi firms for Cathy McGowan5:48 pm Barnett bites back at striking teachers.