Apple radio should increase heat on spotify That will work better.It gets ignored by the largely bearish cost media, but itunes and pandora are supporting services;Itunes and spotify are clearly cut-Throat. Until recently, apple has had a fantastic romance with pandora, featuring company executives at the iphone launch and including pandora plainly in the recent ipad event.Pandora consistently ranks as the top free apps and top grossing apps in apple's app store. "The idea driving my view on apple is they make enormous margin from storage and the itunes.The adoption of the streaming model for apple is akin to the business development decisions of the the online directory and newspaper industries which bankrupted not a company or two but entire industries, Throw logic out your window, yet.It rarely prevails in pandora chats.Btig media analyst richard greenfield reasonable to get partial blame for the inanity. Greenfield emits"Sensible"Notes on pandora generally.He's almost guaranteed to spew bearishness to compound a bad news report or follow up something positive.That's what he did last week shortly after i wrote two long term bullish pandora columns for thestreet, consisting of"Spotify has the bad business structure, undoubtedly pandora, Along with, greenfield thinks apple will do Pandora Dangles Charms exploding radio.He believes it will effectively put pandora bankrupt.Tullo scoffed at greenfield's investigation: "Apple cannot and will not go into this company on a whim like greenfield suggests.If greenfield thinks a company that can't get you to hoboken from brooklyn is going to develop an ad network canvassing every user by location and every advertiser after just firing all its major developers, his ego has precisely grown beyond his media acumen.My guess is he is better serviced applying for the jets gm position because clearly woody johnson would appreciate his insights good jet's recent decisions, Let's just say pandora does $400 million in sales in fiscal 2013.That has to be a pretty strong showing for the company. Stock quotes we'll: (click here) Aapl, g Action Pandora Bracelets UK Sale warns plus You should have charms uk a go free Jim cramer and stephanie link actively manage a real portfolio and reveal their management of their money tactics while giving advanced notice before every trade.$2.5+ million collection