Artist paints portrait of baltimore On a blustery day in late, dave murray is on a sign hunting vision in leslieville. There worth keeping you don see every day, he admits that, forthcoming a padlocked cage with a painted wooden sign advertising kindling for $7.99.He scribbles a note as Pandora Flowers Charms part of his moleskine. He starts by trekking through a general vicinity and taking notes on signs in the area.Then he plots the word what on a map, basing their size and site on where and how often they appear.Your result is a unique portrait. Visualizing one vicinity geography in a way that not visually based, speaks murray. A lot of signs repeat ourselves coffee, barber, car park but murray delights in the unusual words he finds on toronto streets. Double loaders, identified outside a coin laundry, fantastic one.Purchase your jewellery, printed on a pawnshop window, is beautifully tacky. Murray word cloud project started as a school plan and evolved out of his love for vintage signs and typography.His first map was throughout the kensington market.