Lone wolf pup During his campaign president obama promised not to increase taxes on those earing $250, 000 or less per year.Today he signs into law the state children health insurance program which would be funded by a federal 62 cent increase in cigarette tax.According to cnn people are complaining about this as if obama is breaking his campaign promises since it will affect low and middle class cigarette smokers who make less than $250, 000 per year. To those of you who are upset about this tax increase and don wish to pay it.I have a novel idea smoking! As a parent of an infant child who has a grandmother that smokes Wedding Party Dresses Australia and refuses to smoke outside when my son visits(But does at least smoke in another room)I for one am happy about this law.I think it makes a lot of sense to charge smokers for the cost of children health care since secondhand smoke is responsible for a laundry list of health problems, but smokers don give a shit who they affect as long as they can light up thier smokes.I know this because it wasn long ago i used to be one myself. Today history was made.Senator barack obama became the 44th president of the united states.The first africanamerican president in american history.It fitting that he was sworn in using the same bible abe lincoln used considering the fact that its lincoln who emancipated the slaves. He took over office with a 78% approval rating which is probably the highest approval rating of any president elect starting a 1st term in office.Bush on the other hand left office with the highest disapproval rating of any president in history of 71%.Over 2 million people gathered on the national mall mostly to celebrate obama inauguration, but partly also to celebrate bush departure that couldn be hasty enough. I watched much of the inauguration today while holding my son in my lap who fascinating with the tv, would watch anything from porn to cartoons with the same focused interest and curiosity.Of course i never watched porn with my son in the room.In fact it may be hard to believe but i don watch porn at all.I was just making a point here, but i digress.While watching the inauguration with my son, i looked at him and i wished that he could understand the significance of the events he was watching, that he was witnessing history in the making.Some day i tell him that he watched the obama inauguration with daddy. Today is a good day to be an american.Unfortunately that sentiment isn shared by the minority those who supported mccain.It unfortunate that those people see the future with the same bleak outlook that gore and kerry supporters did in 2000 and 2004.I never understand why those people put religious morality ahead of civil liberties.When the majority of voters care more about issues like gay marriages than they do about health care or education there something seriously fucking wrong.So evidently for those voters it alright if our nation is sick and stupid as long as gays can get married. It a small thing but something that i found extremely irritating nevertheless is the fact that obama opponents reveled in the use of obama middle name of hussein in order to attempt to slant his image, but obama rose above that today at his inauguration by using his middle name as is tradition when taking the oath of office despite the fact that he was introduced at the opening of the ceremony as h.Obama for one am looking forward to the next 4 years and seeing what obama can do for the united states and what changes he can bring about.But one thing for sure is for the first time in 8 years i have hope for this country and it future.I know there are still men who do it, but undoubtedly not nearly as common as it once was.I know a lot of people view it as a sign of respect to the woman parents, and some women like the idea that their parents like the guy she involved with enough to give them their permission even if the act doesn carry the same weight it once did years ago. I say it doesn carry the same weight as it did years ago because today it more of a formality.If the father were to hypothetically say, it wouldn necessarily prevent the couple from getting engaged.Back in the old days, it would have been more likely to prevent the engagement than it does today. Personally i don like the practice.I find it to be sexist and outdated.A remnant of the olden days when women were viewed as property, first by their fathers, then their husbands.Marriages back then were just another business transaction between men.In some cultures it still is marriages are still arranged in those cultures. So while i would like it if parents of the woman i loved and wanted to marry liked me and were eager to have me become a part of their family, i wouldn ever ask their permission.I believe the woman is in control of her own live and capable or deciding for herself whether or not she want to marry me and if she truly loves me she do it regardless of whether or not her parents accepted it.Your parents don have to live with your spouse.They don have to have sex with them.Therefore it shouldn matter if they like who you marrying or not.It just a bonus.It a bonus that would make family gatherings more tolerable but it better that your parents don like your spouse than it is if you don the only exception i can see to this is if the potential future husband is a dangerous person who could and possibly would cause harm to their daughter.Even then it still not their decision, but in that case i could totally understand their interference. However, i have nothing http://www.agebc.com/special-occasion-dresses/cocktail-dresses.html against giving a woman parents a heads up and letting them know that you intend to marry their daughter.Telling someone what you intend to do and asking them for their permission are 2 different things. We can share embedded videos in our blogs or photo slideshows.When pasting and embed code for something it doesn appear in the blog entry.I sure hope they do something about that or i blog elsewhere.I want to give the new owners a chance but not being able to do something as simple is that isn tolerable.I hate these blog entry forms with the preloaded html coding i know it helpful to people who can do basic html, but for the rest of us who can do at least a few things it a pain in the ass.There should be a way to turn it off and do your own coding switching from to doesn work. One thing i do like about the new js is the ability to edit comments.You can even edit the comments left by others.Not that i ever do that except maybe to correct spelling or grammer mistakes(And probably not even then), but being able to edit your own comment is a good deal.I know you can do this in your own blog, but i haven noticed yet whether or not you can edit comments you leave in someone else blog. Since the demise of the old journalspace i had since relocated to blogspot.Lots of cool features over there or at least they would be if they actually worked half the time.Needless to say i found it frustrating especially the fact that my comments weren working.I don have enough patience to fuck around with a blog site that insists on testing my patience.I a single dad with an infant son my patience is already being tested enough as it is. So journalspace has been resurrected under new managment and i decided to return and give the new owners a shot.It probably won be the same here but hopefully it won turn into another myspace or something. Those of you who blogged here under the old management would know me most recently as tylerdurden.I soon be importing my most recent journal entry from blogspot because the comments weren working there when i posted it.I probably do that sometime tomorrow. Edit:The posts below here were imported from my blogspot blog including all the comments that were left there. About a month ago my mother expressed a concern that logan was making raspy sounds in his throat.He didn appear to be sick and didn have any problems breathing so i pretty much shrugged it off because my mom tends to make mountains out of molehills or even has some really strange ideas about things.For example she said i shouldn look at logan from an upside down angle because she claimed i make him crosseyed doing that another time she told me not to put toys in his left hand because that would encourage him to be left handed, and strangest of all she told me not to repeatedly put his pacifier in and out of his mouth because that might encourage him to grow up to be gay. Even tho i shrugged off my mom concern i still intended to bring it up at his next doctor appointment during his regular check up.Besides logan regular check ups with his pediatrician, i also have a nurse that comes here to my place to check on him once a month.After my mother expressed the concern about the strange noise he was making i told the nurse about on during her next visit and she listened to his chest with her stethoscope and said she thought he sounded okay.My mom thought i should still tell the doctor anyway, and i intended to anyway.I just thought if it could be something serious the nurse would know then i would know if there was a more urgent need for logan to be seen by a doctor about it.Since she seemed to think he sounded okay i figured it could wait until his next appointment to tell his pediatrician about the strange raspy sound my mother said he was making. Logan pediatrician appointment was yesterday(Thursday).I expected to see his regular pediatrician but she wasn there and was stuck with another doctor instead.I wasn very happy about this, but logan is already a couple weeks past 6 months of age and i didn see a point in postponing his appointment any longer just so he could see his regular pediatrician. During the appointment today i told the doctor about the raspy sound people have heard him making.The doctor listened to his chest with a stethoscope and said he wasn sure what it was, but didn appear to be a problem with his breathing and said he would refer logan to an ear, nose and throat specialist in the metro area who could give me a better idea of what was wrong with him.But the doctor didn seem to think there was any real urgency to it and i didn have any reason not to trust his word, especially since logan seemed okay.He thought that he might be getting a bit of a cold. When i got back home from the doctor i was in the middle of feeding logan when my mother dropped in for an unscheduled visit.I told her about the doctor appointment and the referral to the ent specialist.She claimed that logan seemed even worse than before and felt that there was a more urgent need for logan to be seen by http://www.agebc.com/wedding-party-dresses/mother-of-the-bride-dresses.html a doctor and i argued that he was just seen by a pediatrician he just came from the doctor.She wouldn let it go and strongly suggested i take him to the children hospital up in the metro area.I agreed to to for no other reason than to appease her and get her off my case about it. She actually lied to me it wasn the children hospital we ended up going to.Instead she took us to the regular emergency room in her town 30 minutes away.She apparently trusts the doctors over there more than the doctors here. Well, it a damn good thing she took me there.The emergency room doctor told me logan had a croup a viral infection in his vocal box and it was a good thing i brought him in because left untreated it could cause death.